Soviet Union

The Former Soviet Union Rivalry was created on the basis of the UK Nations Rivalry and Scandi Nations Rivalry. The top Former Soviet Union nation per contest receives 5 points, then 2nd to 4th receive 3, 2 and 1 respectively.

Rankings TableEdit

CONTEST 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
MiniIreland Dublin MiniGeorgia Georgia MiniRussia Russia MiniEstonia Estonia MiniLatvia Latvia
MiniCzechRepublic Prague MiniRussia Russia MiniUkraine Ukraine MiniAzerbaijan Azerbaijan MiniEstonia Estonia
MiniRussia Moscow MiniEstonia Estonia MiniLatvia Latvia MiniBelarus Belarus MiniRussia Russia
MiniNorway Oslo MiniBelarus Belarus MiniRussia Russia MiniAzerbaijan Azerbaijan MiniLatvia Latvia
Sweden Stockholm MiniUkraine Ukraine MiniMoldova Moldova MiniArmenia Armenia MiniRussia Russia
MiniUK Manchester MiniAzerbaijan Azerbaijan MiniArmenia Armenia MiniGeorgia Georgia MiniMoldova Moldova
MiniFaroeIslands Tórshavn MiniBelarus Belarus MiniRussia Russia MiniGeorgia Georgia MiniAzerbaijan Azerbaijan
MiniSpain Madrid MiniLithuania Lithuania MiniLatvia Latvia MiniKazakhstan Kazakhstan MiniUkraine Ukraine
MiniSlovakia Bratislava MiniArmenia Armenia MiniAzerbaijan Azerbaijan MiniMoldova Moldova MiniUkraine Ukraine
MiniArmenia Yerevan MiniLatvia Latvia MiniLithuania Lithuania MiniRussia Russia MiniArmenia Armenia
MiniWales LlanfairPG MiniArmenia Armenia MiniMoldova Moldova MiniRussia Russia MiniAzerbaijan Azerbaijan
MiniArmenia Gyumri MiniRussia Russia MiniGeorgia Georgia MiniLatvia Latvia MiniMoldova Moldova
Sweden Helsingborg MiniUkraine Ukraine MiniBelarus Belarus MiniArmenia Armenia MiniLatvia Latvia
MiniSpain Zaragoza MiniArmenia Armenia MiniMoldova Moldova MiniUkraine Ukraine MiniLithuania Lithuania
MiniFrance Toulouse MiniLatvia Latvia MiniUkraine Ukraine MiniMoldova Moldova MiniRussia Russia
Latvia Riga MiniLithuania Lithuania MiniRussia Russia MiniGeorgia Georgia MiniMoldova Moldova

League TableEdit

After 16 contests

POS COUNTRY PTS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1 MiniRussia Russia 29 2 4 2 3
2 MiniArmenia Armenia 23 3 1 2 1
3 MiniLatvia Latvia 21 2 2 1 3
4 MiniUkraine Ukraine 20 2 2 1 2
5 MiniMoldova Moldova 16 0 3 2 3
6 MiniBelarus Belarus 15 2 1 1 0
7 MiniLithuania Lithuania 14 2 1 0 1
8 MiniGeorgia Georgia 14 1 1 3 0
9 MiniAzerbaijan Azerbaijan 14 1 1 2 2
10 MiniEstonia Estonia 8 1 0 1 1
11 MiniKazakhstan Kazakhstan 2 0 0 1 0

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