FINAL  0 1 0
SF  0 3 1
QF  0 2 0
QUALIFICATION RATE  53.846153846154%

After failing to appear in the first two contests, Liechtenstein made their debut in Moscow, just missing out on a spot in the final by two points in their semi final. While this was an encouraging debut, the microstate failed to make an appearance in the following contest - before returning in triumphant style in Stockholm, with 77 Bombay Street managing to come in second place, only missing out on victory by four points this time. The group would not have as much success in Manchester, however, as they lost a considerable number of votes from their quarter final to the semi final.

More success would come though in the next two contests, with Kerstin Merlin's "Himmel & Hölle" making it in to the top ten (achieving a 3rd place in the semi final) in Tórshavn - the song now being regarded as one of the strongest in the entire competition by some members. Girl group Dreieck would also have success in Madrid, achieving second place in both their quarter final and semi final before finishing 8th in the final itself. But in Bratislava, the country would fail to make it out of the quarter finals for the first time, a result that may have led to their withdrawal for the tenth contest.

Results TableEdit

MiniIreland Dublin
Did Not Participate
MiniCzechRepublic Prague
MiniRussia Moscow AnneofCleeves Erden der Schopfung Jane Churm - - 12th 59 - -
MiniNorway Oslo
Sweden Stockholm oleary_91 77 Bombay Street Up In The Sky 2nd 228 2nd 127 - -
MiniUK Manchester Only_You 77 Bombay Street In The War - - 14th 21 5th 54
MiniFaroeIslands Tórshavn youngswede Kerstin Merlin Himmel & Hölle 7th 99 3rd 76 5th 67
MiniSpain Madrid TerryP Dreieck Gefährlich 8th 72 2nd 85 2nd 79
MiniSlovakia Bratislava stanld03 Elis Come To Me - - - - 10th 51
MiniArmenia Yerevan TerryP Patrick Nuo Beautiful 18th 55 13th 46 5th 73
MiniWales LlanfairPG cherubmattd Il Divo The Time Of Our Lives - - - - 11th 51
MiniArmenia Gyumri AcerBen Edita Change 17th 53 8th 65 9th 54
Sweden Helsingborg TerryP LaFee Ich bin - - 13th 44 4th 73
MiniSpain Zaragoza Alexos Lovebugs feat Lene Marlin Avalon 9th 66 2nd 86 2nd 86
MiniFrance Toulouse subZER0 Annett Louisan Das Spiel - - - - 11th 38
Latvia Riga Gunner95 Lovebugs Shine 23rd 15 11th 48 9th 51
MiniFaroeIslands Runavík Il Divo and Celine Dion I Believe In You - - -


1st in heat 2nd in heat 3rd in heat
Qualified from heat Wildcard Eliminated due to Wildcard
Did Not Qualify from heat Last in heat Finalist
* Deducted points for failing to vote

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